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Do you need a witty, emotional and entertaining speech for a Wedding?

  • Imagine all your worries taken away
  • Your speech written by a gifted writer
  • All information supplied by you; no corny jokes copied from the web
Also speeches for, Birthday, Anniversaries and Retirement.

How about a poem or part-rhyming speech?

A speech featuring a poem or part rhyme is a great way to impress any audience. It's novel, fun and best of all, incredibly entertaining.

Part-rhyming speeches are always big hits
They'll give you an audience who'll tweet your best bits
With comments like: 'comedy hero'
And 'wedding-day-wit'.

You can rhyme out their lives, their loves, or their stag...
When twelve blokes in nighties went out on the raz...
(You get the idea!)

» Find out more about rhymes.

Here's a quick poem about wedding poems!

The venue’s checked, the vicar’s had a chat,
The Mother of the Bride has a brand new hat.

You’re feeling relaxed, everything’s in hand,
For the evening do you’ve booked a four piece band.

Suddenly it hits, walking down the street,
You’ve gone and forgotten to WRITE YOUR SPEECH!

Our words will ensure both laughter and tears,
As part of a speech they’ll remember for years.

Be you the best man, father, bride, or groom,
Our poems will bring a smile to the room.

So don’t panic, stay cool, your fears will dissolve,
When you click on this link a great speech will evolve

» Find out more about poems

Retirement speech with rhyme.
Hi Kevin, Just to let you know that the speech went very well and everyone loved it.
The rhyme was brilliant! I was so glad to have had your help.
Father of the Bride, with poem.
My conscience got the better of me once or twice, particularly as quite a number of guests said, "It was the best F of the B speech they had ever heard". High praise indeed. No wonder I felt guilty. In the end I decided to keep my secret to myself and bask in the glory. So, sorry you weren't flies on the wall to at least take some of the credit. Anyway, thanks to you and David for all your help, particularly with doing it all in such a short timescale.
Seriously, it was a brilliant service.
Joint Best Man Speech.
Kevin, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the work you and Lorraine did on our behalf. Our speech went very well, we got a large number of congratulatory comments and the bride especially was pleased that we didn't embarrass the groom too much! Lorraine made what could have been a painful process much more bearable.
Many Thanks.
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