People don’t have to stay married any more, which makes a long and happy marriage a considerable achievement.

Whether it’s a twenty fifth, fiftieth or other anniversary, what could be more precious and worthy of celebration than enduring love? Never mind who’s from Mars and who’s from Venus; there’s nothing like the day-in, day-out demands of marriage to bring besotted sweethearts down to earth! Somehow, the ‘happy couple’ – two different individuals with their fair share of conflicts, troubles and frustrations – have to work together long and hard to forge a ‘marriage made in heaven’.

If you are a family member or other guest, your speech about the couple’s life together should reflect their individual personalities, in addition to the projects and experiences they share. According to George Bernard Shaw, all marriages, like fingerprints, are different. Your speech must not, therefore, be merely about marriage in the abstract, but about a particular partnership of two specific people whom you love and admire.

A husband or wife, paying tribute to their spouse, should avoid too much self-deprecation. After all, you must have some positive qualities yourself, because they married you!

Lorraine Evenden

Speech Writer

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