Best Man

Traditionally, the Best Man is expected to give funny speeches and perhaps reveal some bizarre secrets that will have all of the guests laughing. However, I recommend a good mix between comedy and genuine stories that allow for the Groom’s best qualities to be seen. Do not be afraid to show a little emotion. All men have a caring side and it is nice to show this in your speech – if only to alleviate the worries of the Bride’s family!

Speeches for you can also draft Best Man speeches which include a rhyme. With the pressure focussed on the Best Man to be witty and entertaining, a rhyme in the speech works really well. It will assist the more nervous amongst us, as a rhyme naturally dictates delivery. It also has the added benefit of making it appear that the Groom’s right hand man has made an extra special effort for his big day.

The stag night was fun, playing paintball we did

Firing little balls as the other team hid

Pity Dave, who didn’t have much success

I was pleased when I shot him straight up his pink dress.

Pink dress you cry, was that for the stag night?

Actually he wears it most Saturday nights

I hope Jane knew of his little hobby

If not, she does now – she’ll be off in a hurry.


Anecdote from a Best Man speech.

Having visited so many exotic locations, you would have thought that John would have a spectacular photo collection. Unfortunately he’s not a great photographer and most of his shots are out of focus or bits of the subject are out of frame. He should take some lessons from our photographer here today. However, there is one subject matter in which he excels. John’s mother insists he take a picture of the toilet facilities so she can be sure he is being well taken care of. So instead of a photo collection to rival Michael Palin, John’s main challenger would surely be Armitage Shanks.

Kevin, Martin,

many thanks for my best man speech. It saved me so much hassle and stress. The speech with rhyme went down a treat and was complemented on by everyone I spoke to.”

Robert Miller

Kevin, Tim,

the best man speech was a great success and I cannot thank you enough for your services. As it happens, I would like to use your expertise again for my brother’s wedding.” J.W.

Dear Speechesforyou,

I just wanted to write to say thank you for all your help with the speech. I read out the poem and got a standing ovation. A lot of the guests were coming up afterwards saying it was the best ‘best man’s speech’ they had ever heard. This is down to you and I felt incredibly guilty that I never gave you the credit. I do feel that there is an opening here for you when doing speeches in that a part of it is done as a poem…. people love it! Anyway I give you my sincere thanks.” M.B. Best man

Traditional Format Best Man

It went very well thanks, a bit anxious on the day of course, but it went down well, the bride and groom were happy and I had some nice comments from a number of the guests during the remainder of the day, so I was very pleased. I was very happy with your help, Kevin, so thank you very much to yourself and Tim. It was a far more professional polished product than I would have come up with on my own. I was also very happy with the process of collaboration to put it together and it felt like ‘my speech’. I would happily use your services again recommend you to others with similar needs. NE.

Joint Best Man Speech

Kevin, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the work you and Lorraine did on our behalf. Our speech went very well, we got a large number of congratulatory comments and the bride especially was pleased that we didn’t embarrass the groom too much! Lorraine made what could have been a painful process much more bearable. Many Thanks. A.B.

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