A special birthday is the ideal opportunity to tell a significant other, friend or relative how much they mean to us. So often, the years go by and we never get around to thanking them properly for their help and support – and just for being the unique person they are.

When people attain a certain age, the perfect gift can be hard to find. But a carefully thought out speech, delivered with feeling, means so much more than a bottle of bubbly from the local supermarket. You could even have the speech framed and give them two presents in one!

An excellent idea when preparing a speech is to canvas family members and friends for their individual insights, memories and stories. These shared recollections, both touching and humorous, are sure to add depth and scope to the finished product. It’s well worth taking the time now to provide us with detailed information about the subject of your speech. The stronger this background material, the better the speech will be – and the greater your confidence on the day, knowing your words will be warmly received.

Lorraine Evenden

Speech Writer

speechesforyou can also draft Birthday speeches which include rhyme. Rhymes can make delivery more exciting and can bring stories about your loved one to life.

You’ll know that you are 70, cos getting out of bed can be a chore,
And for some strange reason you’ll listen to Radio 4,
But you are not old,Oh no, not by a long chalk,
You’ve got enough energy to take the dog for a long walk

60th Birthday with Rhyme

Hi Kevin,

Just to let you know the speech was excellent. It went very well on the day and received many laughs. Please tell Martin he did a great job.

Thanks again. Ursula

The following quote and excerpt is taken from a recent 70th Birthday speech.

Quote: “Your speech was a great present, thank you! In all my years I have rarely heard anything that good. You kept everyone captivated with such wonderful humour and sincerity. Thank you my friend, your words on my birthday were overwhelming then and still leave me speechless.”

Derek Taylor’s 70th Birthday.


“On this wonderful occasion of Derek’s 70th birthday, I’m delighted to say a few words to you about a good neighbour who’s become a good friend.

Those of us who were already alive in 1976 (!) may remember a certain song, recorded and made famous by a group called Smokie, which went: ‘For 24 years I’ve been living next door to Alice.’ Well, for 20 years now we’ve been living next door to Derek, and I don’t suppose Alice was half so much fun.

I remember when our daughter Lauren was little, she would often ask if Derek was coming out to play. You see, Derek’s a real dynamo, the sort of person who makes you say ‘I want whatever he’s on’. He still plays squash every week, but then he always was fond of sport. He once came with our family to watch a dads and lads football match that our son Matthew was playing in. Unfortunately, the dads’ team turned out to be one man short. Enter Derek, who as luck would have it just happened to have his boots in the car … and a marvellous day was had by all.”

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