The day you get married is one of the most precious a man can have. However, it is also one of the most daunting because there is so much to organise and you want it to run as smoothly as possible. It is very important to have a speech prepared and to have learned it well in advance. This will not only take a weight off of your mind but will undoubtedly leave you more free to concentrate and deal with other occurrences that may crop up on the day – your new mother-in-law getting trapped in the toilets for example (not that this is a bad thing).

There are several different variations of Groom’s speeches which mainly involve thanking various people for their help. The more traditional wedding speeches have a set list of whom the Groom should thank, whom the Best Man should thank and whom the Father of the Bride should thank. More modern weddings have now moved away from this and it is often left to the Groom to thank everyone for the help and support – either physical or financial. We offer a list of people who are traditionally to be thanked by all speech givers.

It is important to thank those people who have helped you on the way to this special day but there is always a risk of simply standing there and reading a list of people to whom you wish to show your appreciation. Take a moment to consider whom you would like to show gratitude to and think of one or two examples of how they have helped you. Furthermore, undoubtedly these people will not only have helped you plan and prepare for the day but will have at some stage been involved in encouraging your relationship or been witness to something important between yourself and your new Bride. You can intersperse your recognition to various people during your speech in a way which not only makes them feel involved in your day but also in the lives of yourself and your new wife.

Needless to say your speech should focus almost entirely on your Bride and you should have a nice balance of fond memories coupled with one or two funnier times that you have shared. Weddings always have a large mix of people and not many know one another. Therefore, it is your job as the Groom to bring the guests together as you and your wife will probably be the only people who know everyone in the room. A good speech that includes shared memories will have guests talking to each other after the meal and will make for a much more pleasant atmosphere in the evening.

We can also draft a Groom’s speech that includes a rhyme. The Groom’s speech is normally focussed on his new wife and a rhyme works well in this situation, making delivery better and highlighting that you have made a big effort for your beloved on her special day. Please see an extract below:

The first time I saw Jane, she was boarding a bus

I never, ever thought I would refer to her as US

She alighted at Sloane Square and off she ran

To find this beauty again became my life’s grand plan.

Eventually we dined at a cafe over lunch

I knew it went well, it was more than just a hunch

I remember Jane bounced in, so full of life, she looked splendid

Oh my God I thought what’s happening, could this be my intended?

Groom speech with part poem

Kevin – it went well. The poem was a big hit with the guests.

A big thank you to David and you for undertaking it at such short notice. Y.A

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