Sometimes a poem is the best way to sum up the emotions of the day. Whether you’re the bride, groom, father of the bride, best man, birthday guest or just someone who wants to say a few words. We can help.

Our poems are highly personalised as they are created from the information and stories you provide us.They can be funny, charming, loving, inspiring or a combination of emotions. So whatever the occasion, we will have the words to make this a very special moment for you, your guests and those you admire and love.

Poem for the Father of the Bride:

As Father of the Bride I must give a speech.
Maybe crack a few jokes and try not to preach.
To a room full of guests and some I don’t know them.
That’s why I’ve decided to write you this poem.

Julie’s always excelled at study and sport.
Her Mother and I are proud to report.
She works hard and worries in equal measure,
For 32 years she’s our greatest treasure.

Or, 2nd example 1st verse:

Lauran was a baby,
Born to Maria and me,
Prouder parents you won’t find,
She arrived just after three.

Father of the Bride with poem:

My conscience got the better of me once or twice, particularly as quite a number of guests said, “It was the best F of the B speech they had ever heard”.
High praise indeed. No wonder I felt guilty. In the end I decided to keep my secret to myself and bask in the glory. So, sorry you weren’t flies on the wall to at least take some of the credit. Anyway, thanks to you and David for all your help, particularly with doing it all in such a short timescale. Seriously, it was a brilliant service. R.B.

Father of the Bride with poem:

What a fantastic service, having the speech with a part poem was so original, it went down a storm.  As you know I made use of some mementoes and old photographs which were nicely tied into the speech and poem, lots of tears and laughter, the perfect speech, thank you.


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