Speeches with Rhyme

At Speeches for You we are always looking to improve our service and offer clients increased choice.

Therefore, if you are seeking something special, why not have us write and include a rhyme within your speech. Our rhymes are a great way of delivering your wishes to a loved one and like our speeches they are tailored specifically to your requirements.

Rhymes enhance the spoken word, make jokes that little bit funnier, make delivery easier and are far more memorable and entertaining. They can be included in any speech, but are particularly suited to birthdays, wedding speeches and anniversaries.

Examples of our speeches are included within each page specific to the type of speech – i.e. “Best Man”, “Father of the Bride”, “Birthday” etc

Below is an extract from a speech written for a 6 year old girl who was reading it at her Mother’s 40th birthday party:

I promise from now on I will be less naughty,
Now that on Tuesday you’re going to be 40,
I wonder what your 41st year will bring,
I hope it is stuff that will make your heart sing…

Kevin, Martin;

“Many thanks for my best man speech, it saved me so much hassle and stress. The speech with rhyme went down a treat and was complimented on by everyone I spoke to.”

Robert Miller

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